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EHS 70ís Reunion

JUNE 29, JUNE 30, JULY 1, 2001

March 12, 2001

Dear Classmates of the 70ís,

 We hope our letter finds each of you happy and healthy.  The Reunion Planning Committee has been hard at work making and confirming plans for a fun filled weekend and reunion.  It has been several years since some of our classes have gotten together and as expected we have had some difficulty gathering addresses of some of our classmates.  This is where you come in and can be the biggest help.  Each class will include a personal letter and a list of classmates that we donít have addresses for.  If you have an address or a last place of contact for any on the list, please forward it to your class contact person.   With the aid of the Internet search, we might find our lost friends.

 We hope each of you will extend a special effort to come and enjoy the activities and most of all share some stories and get reacquainted with old friends.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS THE ONLY LETTER YOU WILL RECEIVE!  We also suggest that if you have access to a computer that is online with an Internet service, add this web page to your favorites list.  This is the EHS ALUMNI web site address:   Beverly Harvey Sandlin í67 is our Webmaster.   Our thanks to Bev for keeping us linked.   From this page you can sign up for, Cardinals Online Newsletter, and EHS Alumni E-mail list.  There is much more to explore at this site.  Take some time to visit there.  We will be using the Cardinals Online Newsletter to update reunion information and we will post messages at with complete schedules for that weekend.

  Some of our events include a tour of EHS, dinner and dance, the City golf tournament, our 2nd Annual slo-pitch softball tournament, a combined church service, and just having a good íole time in Eunice.

 In order to meet expenses, the committee has estimated $25.00 per person to cover the costs of the dinner, dance, and reunion t-shirt.  It will also cover the expense of decorations, postage, etc.  Those of you interested in playing in the slo-pitch tournament will need to indicate so on the reunion form and those of you interested in signing up for the City golf tournament will need to do the same.  There are a limited number of spots for the golf tournament and they will be assigned by the date that the registration and payment is received in the mail.  We will do our best to accommodate all of you desiring to play.

 A schedule of activities, registration form, and class newsletter is attached.  Please read these, returning the registration form with payment as soon as possible.  This will help the planning committee in making final preparations.

 Please continue to check our web site for updates.   At this time, the City of Eunice is planning their celebration that same weekend.   A Saturday morning parade followed by a Bar-B-Que at the park and fireworks at the lake after sunset is traditional.

 Make plans now to attend and celebrate with the 70ís.  R.S.V.P. by May 31, 2001, to:

Paula (Shanks) Hayes
P.O. Box 1973
Eunice, NM   88231-1973
(505) 394-2769 home

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