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The most recent Newsletters will be posted on this page, for the benefit of those who haven't been able to sign up for the newsletter successfully. This will not, however, be an archives site. The older newsletters will periodically be deleted from the bottom of the page.

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Cardinals Online
December 31, 2000

I just received an email from Jay T. Miller this evening (December 30). His dad is seriously ill. Jay wrote, "My dad had surgery yesterday on his brain from a subdural hematoma. They cut a pie shaped piece of his skull out and removed a hand sized bloody mass from his brain. He is trying to recover as we speak. He is having a hard time. Please ask others to pray for him.  He is in Methodist hospital in Lubbock. I came home tonight and will be going back tomorrow."

Cardinals Online
December 28, 2000

I am trying to do some updating at our website.  I did a little work last night updating reunion information and a few other pages.  You can check it out at   I plan to work on the Teachers page, Mystery Photo and Tall Tales before my short two weeks of vacation from work are over.  I am updating the pages with email addresses as quickly as
I can.  If you request your name added, I will have it up in 2-3 days.

Make sure you check the guestbook at our website from time to time.  Quite a few new people post their first messages there.  They aren't sure where  all the activity is and how to get around.  If you see someone you know, welcome them and encourage them to join us at the classmates message board.

The reunions planned for July that I am aware of are:
Class of 51 (50 Year Reunion) Contact person: Janice Alexander
Class of 61 (40 Year Reunion) Contact persons: Rita Gaye Sanders & Nevell Bishop
Classes of 70-79  Paula Shanks Hayes
Class of 86 (15 Year Reunion) Shawn Gass Cascio

Information will be posted on the appropriate reunion webpage as I receive it.  You may want to contact fellow classmates by email by going to our email list webpage.  This makes it much easier for you to communicate, especially if you have not paid the membership fee at
To go to the email list go to

I would like to get a copy of a photo of each class to put in our photo
albums at   I still need:
Classes of 37-49, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 64, 65, 68, 69  If you can, please
scan the photo and email to me at   Make sure you
include the names of all of the individuals.  Also, if your class had a
photo taken during their senior year, at graduation or at a previous
reunion, I will be happy to add that to this photo album.

Donations were given in honor of or memory of:
Date: December 19, 2000

Nema Hall
Lola Dunnam
John Pearson
The Hayes Family
The Shanks Family

C.T. "Lefty" Fowler
Theo Armstrong
Sue Yarbrough
Willie Mae Keeton
Doc Steadham
Pat Sims
Nancy Hoskins
George Kaderly
Ruth Kaderly
Wilma Berry
Rosemary Wildman
Ruth Shields
Bob Shields
Rhena Jones
Elvis Newman
Tiney "Maw" Meeks
Ray Pierce
Mary Johnson
Eric Tull
Dallas Williams
Cyndi Gardner
Vera Hart
John Pearson
Duane Parker
Zearl Young
J.L. Hooper
Mary Covington
Cecilia Van Noy
William Van Noy
Martha Hopewell
"Loved Ones"
Louise Parker
Trey Harmon
Georgina Rinehart
B.F. Turner
Cynthia Short
Dario Velasquez
Gene Colborn
R.E. Simpson
Cleo & Lloyd Farris
Joe Shirley
Tom & Ruth Pearson
Jeff Young
"Coach Cook"
Charlotte Jones
W.P. Hassler
Virginia Odum
Grady Roberts
Vida Roberts
Minne Lee Harvey
Betty Harvey Cobb
Elizabeth Langston

Added December 26, 2000:
Annie Mittag
Jeane Massey
Dolly Knott
Bodie Parrish
Eula Hardison
Ruth Arwood
Marie Dodd
Ruth Werner
Trudie Harryman
Lila Whitaker
Clifton Wodeski
Fred Allen

We are using the chat room listed on the table of contents of the website.

Cardinals Online
December 23, 2000

Please go to for a special Cardinal Christmas greeting.  I found some special graphics just for "Texas Cardinals."  So those of you living in Texas go to

I have listed two new webpages on our list of Business webpages.  You really should visit them.

Pat Walker Scott, class of 52 has a great webpage for her San Antonio business at   Sounds like we could order baskets from the webpage to be sent almost anywhere!  There are some fun internet greeting cards at her site as well.

Tootsie Bowden, class of 54 has a webpage telling about her CD of lullabies.  If you have young children or grandchildren, it sounds great. To see the webpage go to  My grandson, Nathaniel is loving his.

If you have a personal or business webpage that you would like listed on our website, please let me know.

I received the following information from Paula Shanks Hayes, 71 with a list of names of those being remembered.  I thought you might like to see the list of names.

The Vista Care Hospice Tree of Eunice would like to recognize the individuals that are remembered or honored by donation to the Vista Care Foundation. This Foundation provides funds for our local Hospice Program by providing nursing care, physicians, chaplains, care providers, medicines, equipment, volunteers and family support. Hospice provides even when Medicare or Insurance isn't available. Donations may be mailed to:  Paula Shanks Hayes, P.O. Box 1973, Eunice, NM 88231. Please make checks available to Vista Care Hospice Foundation.

Date: December 19, 2000

Nema Hall
Lola Dunnam
John Pearson
The Hayes Family
The Shanks Family

C.T. "Lefty" Fowler
Theo Armstrong
Sue Yarbrough
Willie Mae Keeton
Doc Steadham
Pat Sims
Nancy Hoskins
George Kaderly
Ruth Kaderly
Wilma Berry
Rosemary Wildman
Ruth Shields
Bob Shields
Rhena Jones
Elvis Newman
Tiney "Maw" Meeks
Ray Pierce
Mary Johnson
Eric Tull
Dallas Williams
Cyndi Gardner
Vera Hart
John Pearson
Duane Parker
Zearl Young
J.L. Hooper
Mary Covington
Cecilia Van Noy
William Van Noy
Martha Hopewell
"Loved Ones"
Louise Parker
Trey Harmon
Georgina Rinehart
B.F. Turner
Cynthia Short
Dario Velasquez
Gene Colborn
R.E. Simpson
Cleo & Lloyd Farris
Joe Shirley
Tom & Ruth Pearson
Jeff Young
"Coach Cook"
Charlotte Jones
W.P. Hassler
Virginia Odum
Grady Roberts
Vida Roberts
Minne Lee Harvey
Betty Harvey Cobb
Elizabeth Langston

Because of you another life breathes easier.
Paula Hayes, Hospice Volunteer

It is now 6 months and 11 days until July 4, 2001.  I have heard rumors of reunions for the Class of 51, Class of 61, Classes of 70-79 and Class of 86 planned for July 2001.  If you have information that should be included on the reunion webpages, let me know.

I also received some preliminary information that all of you 70s children are going to have a reunion this summer.  Paula Hayes is the primary contact right now.  She said that soon each class will have a rep.  If you have any questions or want to volunteer to help, contact Paula at

Reunion plans are continuing.  They are looking for a few "Lost Cardinals."  The list was printed in a recent issue of the Eunice News.  I can't put my hands on it right now-this room is buried in Christmas paper, boxes, etc.  I will send it out as soon as I find it.  If you are a member of the Class of 86, make sure you check in with someone and they have a current address, phone no and email.

Stay safe and warm.  Have a wonderful time with family and friends.  Merry Christmas!

Cardinals Online
December 19, 2000

Hello All,

If you purchased a photo taken of your class at the reunion  this summer, please email it to me.  I have copies of the ones for the Class of 51, 60, 61, 62 and 67 in the Class Photo album at    Would love to include the other classes.

The person in charge of the message boards has told the message board assistants that some fairly significant changes are coming to and to the message boards too.   Hopefully, these will be positive changes, but she did not give us any hints.  We have been fairly dependent on and the message board to keep us together.  But who knows what these changes will mean.  Here are some things that I am doing and need you to help with, to keep us connected in case these changes are not to our advantage.

1.  Let me know by email that you wish to be listed on the EHS email list. Other EHS alumni will be able to find you and email you a note.  Quite a few already have signed up.  Go to to see what it looks like and how it works.

2.  Make sure you change your email address with Cardinals Online when you get a new one so that you will continue receiving the Cardinals Online newsletter.  I can't sign you up for the newsletter.  Only you can do that.

3.  Lynda Ragan Kvasnikoff and Deb Glover Jaimes have agreed to help update the data base of EHS email addresses.  We will be able to email it out as an attachment.  It will include all email addresses that we have, not just those on the webpage mentioned above.  I am going to gather up the information that I have in the next week and get it sent to Lynda and Deb so we can put it all together.

For those of you who are not aware, the father of Ronnie and Larry Throneberry and the mother of Patsy Rayburn passed away last week.

Have a great week.

Cardinals Online
December 10, 2000

I was talking to Deb Shanks Moberly last night and she told me about something really special going on in Eunice. There is a tree in one of the businesses in Eunice that is a memorial to family and friends. If you would like an angel hung on the tree with the name of a family member or friend, here is what you do. Send a donation to Vista Care Hospice ($10) along with the name of the individual to be remembered to Paula Shanks Hayes, Box 1973, Eunice, New Mexico 88231.

What a special way to remember family and friends. For those of us who live far away, it is comforting to think of their names being on display in Eunice and being thought of and remembered by our friends still in Eunice.

All proceeds will go to benefit Hospice in Eunice. Deb said there are 11 people in Eunice receiving Hospice services right now. Paula is a Hospice volunteer.

Had to share this wonderful idea. Maybe we can get someone to take a photo of the tree to post at our website.

Cardinals Online
December  6, 2000

I frequently get questions from others about where you can obtain an old annual.  I do know that the Eunice Public Library has a large collection of old annuals dating at least back to the 40s.  I saw them this summer.  It would be possible to photocopy one I am sure.  The staff were most helpful to me when I was in the library searching for old photos and history last summer.

Alumni from other schools have begun scanning annuals and putting them on CDs to make them available to those who never had an annual or lost it somewhere along the way.  I scanned the high school sections of the 60 and the 67 annuals and that took a bit of time.  It isn't bad if you are only doing one or two annuals, but all of them?  That would be a job.  I wonder how many people would be willing to scan an annual for a fellow classmate if we knew someone wanted that one.

I got an email this evening from the granddaughter of an EHS alumnus and it really touched me.  She would love to get hold of a 44, 47 or 48 annual or copy of one for her grandmother, Jean Whittington to give to her for Christmas.  Jean was married to Tom Deck, class of 44 who has passed away.  Brigette, the granddaughter says, "Anyway, Jean (some called her Jeanine) would have graduated in the late forties.  I thought if someone had pics from Tom's class annual or maybe when Jean would have been a sophomore, etc. I could have them copied.  OR, if anyone just knew them, especially Jean and had any stories.  Just something to share!  Thanks for all your help.  I will be willing to pay for annuals or picture copying if any can be found.  My grandpa (Tom) passed away, so anything from back in Eunice regarding either one would tickle Meme (Jean)!  Sincerely, Brigette Perkins"

I have annuals for the years 58 to 67.  If someone has a desire for one of those, I will scan the high school section for you.  Just let me know. Anyone else out there willing to scan?

I know there are a few of you out there.  Deb Shanks Moberly, 69 now has alumni all over the U.S. hunting down Cardinal Fountains at Family Dollar Stores.  She mentioned on the message board that she had just gotten one at the Family Dollar Store in Eunice.  I just got one in the mail today from a special friend who got it at a Family Dollar Store in Texas. It is soooooo cute.  Runs on batteries and pumps water.  Has 5 cardinals on it.  I will post a photo of it on the message board so you can check it out.  I guess all you collectors will be sitting at the door when Family Dollar Store opens tomorrow!

You can view it at

Mrs. Bolles passed away this week and services are being held tomorrow (December7) in Crane, TX.  I don't have any other details other than she  was living in Odessa.

My sister-in-law, Colleen is recovering from surgery.  Her appendix burst the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  She is slowly recovering.

I got an email from Ron today.  After Jewel had a heart attack this fall, Ron did some serious thinking and made the decision to retire in January.  Don't forget to wish him well in his retirement.  Can't you see Ron sitting in a rocking chair and taking it easy?  I DON'T THINK SO!!!

Cardinals Online
December 5, 2000

Some of you requested information about the memorial service of Carl Standefer.  Debbie Shanks Moberly, 69 and Jay Miller, 67 both sent beautiful descriptions.  Can anyone tell me Carl's class year so I can list him on our memorial site?

Deb had this to say:
I want you to know that today the service for Carl Joe was the most  moving service I think I have ever been to. Fire Depts. from all over the area were on hand and Carl Joe's casket was placed aboard the old "Mack" firetruck of Eunice and escorted by all the other trucks to the church. It was just  impressive. They gave him a full detail burial and was beautiful in everyway. Barry and John both look good and it was great to see them.  We went to the community center to visit with them afterwards and caught up on old times a little. Got to see Barry's new grandson, he's only two weeks old. Precious. Here is contact info:  Barry Standefer, email is  John's email address is

Jay said,
I attended Carl Joe Standefer's funeral today.  Steve Simmons was also  there.  There were twenty fire trucks with the old Mack Eunice truck carrying the casket.  The procession followed down main street and as they passed the fire station the old Fire siren sounded.  John Standefer did a wonderful job on his part of the eulogy.  Following the church service, the trucks took the coffin to the cemetery.  An eight man honor guard brought the casket to the grave and folded the flag and presented it and his fire cap to his widows.  The Eunice fire pagers were set off to signal the final call to action for Carl Joe.  A bag pipe played "How Great Thou Art" in the background.  The twenty fire trucks came from all over the state including Los Alamos and a community near Farmington.  It was an awesome service.  Just thought I would pass it on.

I haven't had much time lately to do much to our website, but I made a couple of additions recently.  First, there is a letter from Santa to all EHS alumni.  Santa delivered the letter to Glenn Elliott, 51 who passed it on.

As a result of numerous requests, I have begun a webpage that will contain email addresses of all EHS alumni who wish to be listed.  I won't add a name to the page unless you ask me to.  Email your name (women include maiden and current last name), class year and email address.  This will be  a valuable resource to all.  I get many requests for email addresses of others.  Sometimes I have them and sometimes not.  So start sending in your requests to me at  The email page is listed on our table of contents.

Near the bottom of the table of contents, you will find a page titled,  "What's Happening on the Message Board?"  It contains the most recent topics discussed at our board and the names of the 20 most recent visitors.  If you have registered at classmates, you should be able to click on a topic and go straight to the message board from there.  (You must have cookies enabled.)

Cardinals Online
November 13, 2000

Kristi Hatley Mathews posted the following message on our message board.  I know that there are those of you who do not regularly go to the message board, so I am sending her message out to all the Cardinals Online subscribers:

Eunice will play Tucumcari for the State Championship on November 18, IN EUNICE, at 2:00. Tucumcari beat Eunice 31-21 the last time we met up (October 13). This time will be a different story. Please come to Eunice if you can and root on the Cardinals! Let's go, Birds!

By the way, we would really appreciate it if all of you would send a message to the football boys! Please do this for the team. We will write the messages on poster board and hang them in the hall at the high school.  Send the messages to or This would really pump up the boys and keep Cardinal Pride going in the town. The boys would really think it is neat that they have supporters from all over the United States. Please send all messages by Wednesday, November 15. ALSO, INCLUDE YOUR NAME, YEAR YOU GRADUATED AND WHERE YOU LIVE NOW!

Cardinals Online
November 12, 2000

I just got a phone call from Fred Tucker. He said that Thurman Hale, husband of Sallie Marsh Hale passed away last night. Sallie lives in  DeLeon, TX where she is a teacher. The memorial service is scheduled for 2 p.m. tomorrow (Mon, Nov. 13). For more info contact Fred at

Steve Stevenson provided the following info about the memorial service for Carl Standefer:

Services for Carl Joe Standefer will be held at 2 PM on Monday, November 13, 2000, at the First Baptist Church in Eunice. A Fire Truck precession will start from the Calvary funeral home at 1 PM, to the church. Graveside will be immediately following at the Eunice cemetery. Carl will be given a Firefighter burial, with full honors. Immediately following the graveside services everyone is invited to the Eunice community center to visit with the family members.

The Standefer family is staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Hobbs, that number is 505-392-8777. If anyone would like to send a message to the Standefer family while they're here or if anyone needs any further information, please send me an e-mail, at  You can send flowers to the Calvary funeral home or a monetary donation to the:

Fallen Firefighter Memorial Fund
C/O the New Mexico Firefighter
P.O. Box 239
Socorro, New Mexico 87801

I just added a few more web pages of EHS alumni.  I split them into two  categories:  family/personal and business/professional.  If you have a web page you would like added to either of these pages let me know.  To see the new additions, go to and click on Table of Contents.  Then scroll down to webpages near the end of the page.

Eunice will play Tucumcari at 2 p.m. on Saturday, November 18 in Eunice for the state championship!  Go Cards!

Cardinals Online
October 31, 2000

I just posted some photos taken by Oliver Wildman in the album Early Days in Eunice.  Photos include Pay Day employees, fire dept. volunteers, Dr. Barzune, and a really strange photo of some of Eunice's leading citizens dressed very, very strangely.  C.H. Conway, Julian Caton, etc.  L.B. Harden is the only one in the bunch dressed "normal."  Take a peek at

Cardinals Online
October 26, 2000

About 50 or so EHS alumni gathered in Hico on October 1.  I just finished getting the photos posted at  We are tentatively planning the next Hico reunion for the 2nd Saturday in October 2001.  Plan to be there.

Tanya Gray White says that Eunice will be in the play-offs this weekend against Estancia.  Sounds like the Cards are having a very good year!

Cardinals Online
September 30, 2000

I received the following email message from Linda Frost: We received this information in regard to Jewel.  Thursday evening while attending a ballgame Jewel had a heart attack.  Upon arrival at Abilene Regional Hospital doctors determined they needed to do an angioplasty and insert a stint.  I talked to Jewel this afternoon and the surgery went well.  Please place this information on the classmates site and encourage  everyone to keep she and Ron on your prayer lists.  Thanks so much!
Linda Frost

Tonight was the Homecoming game and the Cardinals beat Anthony 25-0.  They  now have a 6 win 0 loss season!  Go Cards.

The numbers continue to grow.  I added 9 names tonight.  Looks like the class of 59 will be well represented.  Take a peek at to see who is coming and see the food list.

If you haven't let us know and you want to come, please just show up.  ALL ARE WELCOME!!!

If you want to know what you can bring as far as  food check out the food page and try to fill in a gap.  We probably can always use more soft drinks.

What else should you bring:  Annuals, Photos, Momentos,  Reunion photos and Reunion Class Books.

We are planning to do a Cardinal exchange again.  It was a big hit this summer.  If you want to participate bring a cardinal something and we will do a gift exchange.

How will you find us at the Hico park?  Well since Hico is about the size of Eunice, I am sure you will manage.  Also, look for the big Cardinal banner.

What should you wear?  What any real Cardinal would wear!  Something red!!!

Cardinals Online
September 25, 2000

Don shared the following with me about the loss of his mom.  Don our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Dear Beverly,
Would you please pass it on that Pauline B. Campbell passed away on Sept.  17th, 2000, and her services were held at Westminster Memorial Park, Huntington Beach, CA  on Sept. 22, 2000. Her son Verne J. Campbell was a graduate of Eunice High School, and I went through the 8th grade in Eunice. She still has many friends in the Eunice area as mother was a
member of the Eastern Star, the Ladies Oriental Shrine and the Southern Baptist Church in Eunice, when we lived there. She was 91 years, 7 months and 22 days old when she passed away. She left behind her 2 sons and their wives, 7 grandchildren, 9 great grandchildren and 1 great great grandchild.
Thank you.
Don Campbell

Cardinals Online
September 19, 2000

Dianne Newman Jones, 68 sent the following news: Bev, I thought I'd let you know that Mrs. Bishop died tonight.  She is the Mother of Wanda, Nevel, H.B., & Peggy Bishop. She has been in the Good Samaritan Nursing Home  for sometime. Their Father is there also.  Peggy wasn't sure when the funeral would be yet.

Cardinals Online
September 6, 2000

Ann Bright Arnhart sends the following information:

As promised in my previous message, here are the funeral details for Richard:

Services will be held Thursday, September 7, 2000, at the Community Lutheran Church,   Summerfield, NC
This is a little rural church near Greensboro, NC.

Viewing will be Wednesday evening, September 6, 2000 at
  Haynes-Lineburry Funeral Service
  Greensboro, NC

The family has requested memorial contributions in lieu of flowers to
Richard's alma mater:
  Hardin-Simmons University
  Box 16100
  Abilene, TX  79698-6100

Cardinals Online
September 3, 2000

I received the following email from Thelma Diller Teer:

Ruth Nolan called me this afternoon to let me know that Walter(Buddy) Bond had passed away about 1:00AM this morning (September 2).  His wife, Viola, found him in his chair.

They will have a wake for him on Monday Sept.4,2000 and have his services at 10:00 AM on Tuesday, Sept. 5th at the St. Joseph Catholic church in Dayton, Tx.

Ruth said he had really enjoyed coming to the reunion this year and was glad to learn where his classmates were located and to talk with those that were at the reunion.

Cardinals Online
August 30, 2000

I just got the Eunice News dated August 24, 2000.  Here are some of the highlights.

Evelyn and Don Gladden celebrated theri 50th wedding anniversay on August 7.  They were married in the First Baptist Church in Eunice in 1950.  Congratulations Evelyn and Don!

There was an article about the new principal, Bobby Caton, class of 60. Eunice is so lucky to be able to have another Caton working in the school system!

It seems that there is annual golf tournament between Jal and Eunice and after 3 years of losing to Jal, Eunice won back the cup!  GO BIG RED!

An EHS alumni is sitting in the mayors seat.  Gailand was sworn in on Monday, August 14.

Jal will celebrate their long awaited reunion over the Labor Day weekend. This reunion was in the planning for over 2 years and they have around 800 registered!  WOW

Please email Fred Tucker, or me, if you are planning to be at the Hico reunion.  We don't need to know, but we WANT to know who will be there.  If you think you can't come, but find you can at the last minute, please come on!! Everyone is welcome.

Cardinals Online
August 20, 2000

Louise Parker passed away on Thursday in Lubbock.  Her service is planned for Monday in Eunice.  This obituary is from the Hobbs News-Sun:

Louise Parker
EUNICE -- Services for Louise Parker of Eunice will be held at 10 a.m. on  Monday, Aug. 21, at Eunice First Baptist Church.

The Rev. Keeney Dickenson will officiate. Burial will follow in Brunson Memorial Cemetery under the direction of Calvary Funeral Home.

Mrs. Parker, 80, died Thursday, Aug. 17, in Lubbock, Texas. She was born Sept. 2, 1919, in Ballinger, Texas. She married Jack Eugene Parker on July 14, 1945, in Los Alamos. He preceded her in death in 1984.

She had lived in Eunice for 46 years, moving here from Hobbs.

Mrs. Parker was a member of Eunice First Baptist Church.

Survivors include two sons, Billy Jack Parker of Cordova, Tenn.; and Tommy Dean Parker of Hobbs; two sisters, Marie Wade of Odessa, Texas, and Lorraine Wade of Ballinger; and one brother, V.O. Wade of Big Spring, Texas.

Cardinals Online
August 10, 2000

If you haven't been to our website lately, check it out at  On the front page, you will see that we now have had over 10,000 hits in less than 10 months.  Not bad!!! No one ever claimed to be the 10,000th visitor.  Carol Berryman Randall, class of 67 said she was 10,003.  So I guess we have to wait until 20,000 now to give a prize.
*Cardinal Band-I am working on expanding this section.
*EHS Choir-I want to create a section for the choir and am just getting started.
*Reunion Information-I have cleared the pages of information for all the reunions held in July and have started pages for reunions coming up in 2001 and 2002.  Please let me know if your class or group has a reunion planned and I will get an information page started.
*EHS Graduating Classes-The class of 2000 has been added and the total number of grads corrected.

*Eunice Weather-You can find out how the weather is in Eunice.
*Name the Photo-This is a new page.  Every couple of weeks, I will add the photo of a building in Eunice.  Go see if you can name the building that is there now.  This is just for fun-no competition.

Just when I think we have all the photos up, we get some more.  Thanks to Shirley Hamlett and Robert Jones for sending some primarily of the early 60s classes.  If you haven't been there in a few days, go see the new photos.  I still need help to identify some of the people.

796 signed up at
376 receiving this email newsletter
10, 210 hits to the Eunice Cardinal website

Cardinals Online
July 31, 2000
Another Caton will be sitting in the principal's chair in Eunice.  Bobby Caton recently accepted the position. It is good to know that EHS is in the hands of one of its finest alumni.
Apparently, the school system was unable to recruit a new band/choir director.  This is a problem all the small schools through out New Mexico are having.  Jal, Tatum and Eunice all have lost their music programs. For those of us who had the opportunity to participate in these programs, we  have deep regret that today's students won't have the privilege of participating in a music program.

Now we have a dilemma.  About $110 was collected by generous, alumni band members to help cover the cost of the band reunion, but we decided we wanted to donate this to the band program.  I have not sent the check to the school yet.  I think we need to find another worthy cause.  I would suggest the Eunice public library.  They have done such a great job of collecting and displaying historical materials-old annuals, photos, historical writings about Eunice and Lea County, etc.  Hopefully, we can have much of this information available to us on the web one day.   Let me know what you think?  Any other suggestions?

A mini-reunion is planned for Sunday afternoon, October at the park in Hico, TX.  For more information go to

I understand that the Class of 90 has a reunion planned for the Homecoming weekend.  If someone will send me the information, I will create a webpage.

If you have photos you want to email, you must send them one at a time to my email address or write me for directions so that you can send several at a time right to the site.  We now have over 300 photos up and I have posted all that I have and all that were sent to me.

Expect some updates and changes to our website in the next couple of months.  If you have any suggestions or something you would like to see there, let me know.

Cardinals Online
July 16, 2000
Mettie Jordan recently celebrated her 96th birthday.  The Hobbs News-Sun did a feature article on her (written by EHS alumnus Gilbert Cherryhomes) I have posted it at our website -- -- for all to read.
The photos are going up slowly but surely.  Keep checking back.  I think I have finished the photos for the Class of 60 Sunday night dinner.  Gary Ferguson, 60 is helping me by doing the captions there.  There are a few new photos added to the Golf Tournament photo album as well.  If you see some people that are not identified/or are wrongly identified, please let me know.  However, make sure you are clear as to where and which photo so I can find it to make the corrections.

We have a new addition on the website that we are sharing with the Jal  website.  It has some pages about reunions in general.  Even though we just had our reunion, I think you will enjoy this.  You wil find it listed on our Table of Contents.

Those of you who have reunions planned for next summer, provide me with the information that you have so far and I will get a webpage started.  Keep in mind that if you want to get people there who have to travel long distances, you can't wait until the spring to tell them about it.  Most people have to reserve vacation time up to a year ahead-especially when it revolves around a National holiday.

If anyone has information about the class of 90 reunion planned for this fall, please send it to me and I will get a webpage going.

Cardinals Online
July 7, 2000
Where do we begin to thank all the great people in Eunice who made all of  this happen?   I am not sure of the names of all of those who worked on the 37-56 dinner, but I heard that you had a wonderful evening.  (Someone, please provide some photos from this dinner for our website.)  Deb Shanks Moberly, Tanya Gray White, and Janet Brown Raybon---thank you for providing the classes of the 60s with an evening we wonít forget.  The entertainment was wonderful.  Even if the 60s didnít win the slo-pitch tournament, everyone had fun.  The guys who played golf had a great time.  I really expected the team of Malone, Miller, Moody and Shanks to come out on top, but hey you all had fun!
Several of you asked if a tape was available from the church service.  It is.  Kevin said that they would be happy to make a tape and send to you for $2.00.  I am going to suggest that you round that check up to $5 as a donation to the church to help with the costs they incurred with the tent and the food for the great lunch they provided.  To order a tape: write to First Baptist Church, Attention: Kevin, PO Box 1449, Eunice, NM 88231.

You guys sounded mar-veeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-lous even after all these years.  Ronnie, thanks for making this event happen.  I have the memory book that everyone wrote in and will get it in the mail to you this weekend.

Thanks to Deb, Tanya, Janet, Lynda Ragan Kvasnikoff, Dianne Newman Jones, Sharon Callaway, Bobbie Criswell, Jackie Criswell Miller for help with decorating and food.  Thanks to Richard Shanks, Jay Miller, Mark Moody, Ric Allen and Glenn Elliott for providing us with the musical entertainment.  You guys can really play!  Still!  Thanks to Jay Miller for videotaping the messages to Mr. Bart.   I know he is going to enjoy watching this tape and also reading the written messages in his book.  What fun it was to talk about the wonderful times we all had in band.  We collected a total of $110 to donate to the Eunice band program!

Thanks to our MC, Lynda Kvasnikoff for presenting the Cardinals Online awards, to Richard Shanks for providing the wonderful watermelons, to Carol Berryman Randall for the beautiful Cardinal Online cake.  Those who participated in the Cardinal gift exchange had fun.  Those who didnít know about it were disappointed.  Hey, you have to start reading your Cardinals Online newsletter and the message board.  Sorry you missed out, but we will definitely do that again.   And one more time we had great music thanks to Ric Allen, Mark Moody and Glenn Elliott.  If Mark hadnít been busy playing golf, we would have had more music and sooner.  LOL

Thanks to the Chamber of Commerce for organizing these annual events.  The 4th in Eunice wouldnít be the same without them.  I am not sure how the parade was from the perspective of those watching, but from the point-of-view of a 50 year old woman riding in the back of a decorated pick-up, tossing candy and shouting the chant, ď67, 64, Weíre the best and thatís for SHORE,Ē it was the best parade ever.  What fun we had.  Sharing a ďfloat with the senior class that taunted and tortured the class of 67,  allowed us to ďheal old wounds.Ē  LOL

I am anxious to hear more about this event.  All I heard was it was---FUN FUN FUN.  Someone make sure you send some photos for our website.

CLASSES OF 60 & 65
They were celebrating their 40 and 35 year reunions.  Each had a special dinner.  I hope you will also provide some photos for our website.

In the next couple of weeks, I will be putting up photos of the reunion.  Several of you indicated that you would send some to me.  If you are going to email them, you must send one at a time if you send to my email address. However, you can send it directly to the album site by emailing to  MAKE SURE YOU PUT THE FOLLOWING  IN THE SUBJECT LINE:  Account:    This will allow you to send multiple photos.  I will then be able to move the photo to the appropriate album.  However, you may have to help me identify the event and/or people.

Deb Moberly emailed me this morning with news of the death of a former Eunice teacher. Deb said, "Sad news-Glenda Chapman passed away this morning. She had cancer. I have posted a message on the board, but would you please add her to the faculty/staff memorial page. I will keep everyone posted on arrangements. She taught fresh/soph.English and retired just a few years ago."  Please check the message board for more information.  Xan Gladden Hobbs, class of 92 sent flowers for the class of 92.

They were called away from our 60s dinner on Monday night.  Their son was seriously injured while riding his bike near the University of Texas at Arlington campus where he is a student.  Last I heard he was in a coma.  Deb, please keep us updated on his progress.

Louise was in a car accident on her way home from the reunion.  The car rolled a couple of times.  Fortunately, she had no serious injuries, but she was bruised and battered.  I am sure she is feeling some aches and pains!  Louise, we are glad that you are okay.

Cardinals Online
June  20, 2000
I am sitting here with two different magazines in front of me that I bought right here in the panhandle of Florida and they both have news connected to SE New Mexico.
First, the July-Augsut issue of The Oprah Magazine has a couple of photos of our very own Claudette Gladden Fried, class of 67.  She is part of an article titled, "Guess Their REAL Ages."  You will see her on page 190 and 192.

The second magazine is the July issue of Cowboys and Indians.  Turn to page 38 for a brief article and two photos of the Jal Cowboy Sculpture.  Jerry Phillips, JHS class of 64 submitted the article.  New Mexico Magazine will also carry an article about the sculpture soon.


Cardinals Online
June 11, 2000
Please send in the information page that I mailed out.  I am trying to finish the class reunion book in the next couple of weeks.  I will still have to photocopy and get the book bound before the reunion.  SO SEND YOUR INFO NOW IF YOU HAVEN"T DONE SO YET!  If you wish to fax, my fax number is (850)729-4910.  Remember, if you send your page, I will make sure you get a copy even if you don't make it to the reunion!
I have finished scanning the 1960 annual.  I scanned the senior class section and the high school activities.  Because it takes awhile for the album to load, I divided it into 3 sections.  Lots of photos still---so be patient.  If you don't have a 60 annual, you will enjoy looking through it.  I also picked a few photos from the elementary and junior high sections and added them to the Hodge Podge album-you will see Mr. and Miss Sophomore, junior high favorites and cheerleaders, the 5th and sixth grade band there.  To see the photo albums go to   Then scroll down to the box "View Member's Photo Albums" and type in my email:

I set up a place where people can write memories and thoughts of appreciation for three teachers:  Mr. Wally Goodman, Mr. Martin Wade and  Mr. Orin L Bartholomew on our website.  About 8-10 people posted there right after I finished the teacher page.  However, through a glitch by the host of the message boards, all those were lost.  Others have posted some great memories on our classmates message board, but I need you to go to the website and do it.  Go to and click on Table of Contents.  Scroll down to Eunice Teachers and click.  It would be great to be able to put these together in a book to send to these teachers. My plan is to add a new teacher every month, but first we have to get this going.  Please go there now and write about these special people.

The numbers continue to climb as people make final decisions to attend.  If you haven't registered yet, please do so NOW!

Ronnie Harden has indicated that 55 have signed up for the Choir Reunion. I am sure there will be many more.  Remember this is for the classes of 1937 to 2000-so all are welcome.  I can't sing and I am coming!  It should be fun.

First Baptist Church has made a special invitation to alumni and their families to attend morning services.  Ron (58) and Cliff (62) Harden will provide the special music and Bob Harvey (57) will be at the pulpit.  They will be serving lunch to those who attend.  However, they need to have a head count.  If you plan to attend, please notify Tanya Gray White at   To read more about the plans and see who has already signed up, go to:

Everyone is welcome to attend at 12:00 at the Eunice city park.  Bring your lunch, drink, and if you wish a chair or picnic blanket.  There are a few surprises planned at this event.  I am not sure yet, but believe that dessert will be provided.  If you would like to particpate in the Cardinal exchange, bring a small Cardinal item and we will have a gift exchange just like Christmas in elementary school.

If  you would like to help set up and do a little decorating, meet at the band hall on Saturday at 1:00 p.m.  If you are planning to attend, please let me know.  Only about 20 have said they are coming, but I know that more will show up.  We want to make sure we have enough food.  I will pull the list together and put it on the message board so you will know if I am counting you.

I have added to the list of events at  I will continue to add if I get other information.  You definitely will not find yourself with "nothing to do."  Wait and print out this webpage with the schedule of events right before you go so you have an up-to-date list.  These activities include:

A barbecue and dance on Friday afternoon and evening for everyone.
An Independence Day dance on Saturday evening at the American Legion Hall
Races at the Cardinal Motor Speedway on Saturday night

The hours the library will be open on Monday.  Apparently, they have some great old photos and historical information on Eunice.

Please let me know if you have information, you would like sent out in this email newsletter.  It reaches 367 Cardinal alumni.

Cardinals Online
June 8, 2000
Remember the day the annuals were distributed?   For the next few days, teachers allotted a small portion of class for annual signing.  Otherwise, we drove them crazy doing it anyway.  Many have lost those special books.  Others didn't have all the years they were in school.  I plan to eventually scan the senior class and the activity photos of the annuals I have-1958 to 1967.  I have started with 1960 and am still working on it.   To see those photos go to   Then scroll to "Visit Member's Albums"  and type in my email   I have removed the need for a password so you should have no problem getting to the photos.
If there are photos-junior high student council, an elementary or junior high teacher, 5th grade band, whatever, from the annuals I have that you would like included, let me know.  If you want to include photos from other annuals or another source, just scan and email to me.

6,510 hits since November 9, 1999 on the website at
1,400 hits at our photo albums since October 1999
755 registered at classmates
367 receiving this newsletter
25 days until reunions on July 3

Cardinals Online
June 4, 2000
I heard that quite a few of you arrived in the chatroom on Friday night and had a nice visit.  Glad you did.  The newsletter announcing the chat for "tonight" was actually written and sent on Tuesday!  Listbot the site where this newsletter is generated apparently had some problems and it took a few days for it to be sent.  We weren't the only ones.  Jal had the same problem.  The next chats are scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7:30 p.m. Eunice time.
Make sure you keep checking the website for updates of information about the reunion as the time gets closer.  A schedule of ALL events can be found under Reunion Information.  You might want to print this out to take with you so you know where to be and when to be there.  Wait until closer to the time to print it out so that you have the latest copy.

Someone suggested we have a Cardinal exchange at the online picnic on Monday.  What does that mean?  You would bring a cardinal gift-I never realized how many cardinal things are around until I started looking-and we have a gift exchange.  This would be just like we used to do in elementary school at Christmas.  It is not required.  Participation will be optional.

The classes from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s decades will have a tournament on Sunday night, July 2 at 6:00 p.m.  For more information, look at the schedule of events page at the Reunion Information.

If you haven't sent in your registration for any of the reunions, it is still not too late.  Send it in today.

Check out the message board for lots of cardinal chatter about the reunion.

Cardinals Online
May 28, 2000
You will find a new addition at our website called "Eunice Teachers Who Made a Difference." I chose 3 teachers to get started. It was hard to decide who to put on the page first. I chose 2 teachers who taught in the Eunice schools for a long time! Then I chose another that I knew touched the lives of almost every single EHS student of the 60s. Each one has a message board where you can record your thoughts and memories. The nice thing-all 3 are living and we might have the opportunity to share the messages with them.
One teacher will be added each month. I have asked alumni to send their votes to me via email. The one with the largest number of votes will be the one added for that month.

To see the page and add your comments about these teachers, go to the website at and then to the table of contents. You will see the page listed under "Eunice Teachers."  Please take the time to add your thoughts and memories.

I received a tiny bit of information about a cook-out at the home of Vera and Charlie Bettis on Sunday evening, July 2.  The only information I received said, "Cook-out for the Classes of the 50s."  Does anyone have any more information.  Which classes of the 50s?  Is it only the ones who are included in the reunion for the classes of 37-56 or does it include the classes of 57, 58, and 59.  Several have asked me.

We all know that the economy in SE New Mexico has not been great in recent years.  All the folks visiting Eunice during the reunion could give a boost to the local businesses.  Do your buying in Eunice if you can.  All the rooms are taken at the Oil Patch Motel, but they still have some RV spots. Want to buy a corsage for your spouse for the reunion dinner and dance or flowers for a special teacher?---Buy them at the florist in Eunice (Bo-Kay Florist).  If you are staying in Hobbs and driving to and from Eunice for all the events, buy your gas in Eunice.  While in town, stop by and start a subscription to the Eunice News or renew the one you have now.  Those of you living in Eunice, let us know if any business, civic group or organization  has special things they will be selling-Booster Club, Cheerleaders.

Please contact Thelma Tear at if you have information about the whereabouts of these classmates from the class of 52:
Buddy Bonds
Charles Clines
Pearl Daniels
Mozell Driver
Dale Eubanks
Jaon Gresslin
Don Gore
Leroy Hendricks
Sue Kirkendall
Jimmie Martin
Billy Mayou
Julia Nocholas
Donald Pruitt
Doyle Stephens
Jessee Vines

If you have information about the location of these 61ers, please email the information to
Dennis Harris
Claude Fristoe

We are now having chats on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7:30 p.m. We are using the new chatroom at our website.  Go to the website at and then to the table of contents.  Scroll down to Cardinal Chatroom and click.  Once there follow the directions to enter.  If you have any problems getting in, email me.  In a 3 hour period last week, we had over 28 visitors from classes in the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s.

We now have 738 signed up on classmates, but many of them have not figured out how to get to the message board or our website.  We have 362 signed up for the Cardinals Online Newsletter.  If you know of individuals who need help to find us, please lend a hand.

Only 4 more days until June 1, the deadline to register for the 37-56 reunion.  Only 5 more days until June 2, the deadline to register for the 60-69 reunion.

Please email any items you want included in the next email newsletter to

Cardinals Online
May 23, 2000
Our regular Tuesday night chat will be held in the chatroom at our website.  Go to  Then click on TABLE OF CONTENTS.  At the table of contents, you will see the chatroom there.  Click on it and follow the directions.  Remember to use your first name, last  name(Girls use maiden) and school year. No spaces between.  See you there.

I got this email from Kay Lord:
Dear Beverly,
I need to know if anyone has addresses for the following in the Class of 1962:  Bill Conway,  Bruce Kendrick,  Wanda Martin Sites, Jo Ann Stulting Gadberry,  and Sherry Beadle. If so, please email me.

Thank You,     Kay Lord   E-mail Address

HAVE YOU REGISTERED YET???  A lot of people are talking about going to the reunion, even saying they are going for sure, but they haven't registered yet.  Deadline for registering for the 37-56 reunion is June 1.  Deadline for the classes of 60-69 is June 2.

To see the update on who has registered, go to

More stories have been posted at the Tall Tales site.  Also the webpage with ordering info for a Road Kill Cafe cap is llisted there.

If you are looking for classmates for the reunion or want to send another message out to everyone through this newsletter, send me the info.

Cardinals Online
May 21, 2000
Several reunion activities are being held on Sunday, July 2, 2000.  The class of 65 has a dinner planned for July 1, 2000.  The countdown to July 1 is 40 days!  Have you mailed in your registration?  Decided where you were going to stay?  Called friends to let them know you were coming and to encourage them to come too?  The deadline for mailing registrations for the 37-56 reunion is June 1 (10 days from now) and for the 60-69 reunion the deadline is June 2 (11 days from now).

If you are planning to attend the Choir reunion, please let Ronnie know by emailing him at or sending the choir reunion form at While registration isnít required, it will be helpful for Ron to know how much space will be needed and how to set up the stage area.

If you are planning to attend the Band reunion, please let me know by emailing me at or sending the band reunion form at to me.  I will be ordering food for refreshments.  It will make a big difference if we have 20 or 200.  I want to make sure we have enough.  At this time, we only have 15
registrations, but I know many more have said that they plan to attend.  If you donít want to complete the form, please just send a short email letting me know you will be there.

Donít miss the chat on Tuesday evening at 7:00 p.m. Eunice time at the new chatroom on our website.  Go to and click on the Chatroom.  Follow the directions there.

Have you enjoyed Glennís tall tales on our message board?  Especially the ones about the Road Kill Café at the Eunice Y?  Glenn has purchased a limited number of RKC hats.  Many of us have become real fans of the RKC and feel like we have really been there.  The price for the cap is $15 and that includes shipping and handling.  He will bring any remaining caps to
the reunion and will have them with him on July 3 and 4.  Your best bet is to buy one now and bring it with you.  You will find a photo of the hat at  I have also added two more of Glennís Tale Talls at the website.

If you have any contact with past Eunice teachers, encourage them to come.  I am contacting Richard Shanks, band director.  Give them the url for our website and encourage them to join us online as well.

Pleas remember that you are welcome to send me information you want included in the next mailing.  We now have 360 subscribers to the Cardinal Online email newsletter.  It is a fast and efficient way to get information to a large number of people.  If you know of people who would like to receive it, but arenít--tell them to go to the Table of Contents at our website.  There is a link to the sign up there.

Cardinals Online
May 12, 2000
I am sorry to send out another email newsletter so quickly, but I received a request to get this information out soon.  I am leaving early, early Saturday morning to visit my brother, Bob (class of 57) and his family in Pullman, WA. so I am going to go ahead and send this out now.
Ann Bright Arnhart asked that I request your help in finding these 3 members from the class of 55:
Ruth Evans (Mrs. Don Sawyer) last known to be in Eldorado, AR
Carol French Hall last known to be in Tishomingo, OK
Anjie Lou White (Mrs. Blackie Edwards) believed to be living in the
Van Horn, TX or Ruidoso, NM areas

Information about the reunion activities that the class of 55 will participate in can be found at

Cookout at Charlie and Vera Bettisí place south of Eunice at 6 p.m. on Sunday evening.

All alumni are invited to participate at 2 p.m. on July 4. Meet in front of the high school.  J. E. Earhart will be our guide.

9 p.m. on July 4 at the Eunice Country Club

We have 722 signed up at

A total of 358 receive this email newsletter.

We have had over 5,000 hits on our website at since November!

Cardinals Online
May  11,  2000
We tried out the new chatroom at our website on Tuesday night and it worked great.  For some reason it sends out a strange message about security when you enter.  I am trying to find out at why we get that crazy message.  I teach a class tonight, but anyone wanting to join the usual Thursday night chat, go to the new
chatroom at 7 p.m. Eunice time.
Lynda Ragan Kvasnikoff ( and Gary Ferguson ( are still trying to find a few lost classmates from the Class of 60.  Reunion information that was mailed has come back for:
Ethel Henry Kubas
Hal Smith
Bob Ivy
Nita Witherspoon Sterling
Jane Little
James Jones
Sheila Lawrence

Alexa Burt Andrassy ( is looking for the following:
Ross Baxter
Patty Clark
Sandra Clark
Eddie Ditterline
Kathy Foss Jennings
Marilyn Hasty Johnson
Bobby Mathis
Johnny McCasland
Jeanne Newman Houston
Billy Ray Nowlin
Lonia Rusk Carson
Duane Vowell
Alice Wade Leith
Gary Wells

Richard Meek ( or Beverly Harvey Sandlin
( looking for:
Cheryl Harnden Carter
Anna Lee Jearrell Futral
Peggy Odum
Carol Willingham

I was just checking our calendar at the EHS Alumni website.  The following people have something to celebrate in May:
10     Happy Birthday Charlyn Kemp
13     Happy Birthday Dorothy Tankersley Tucker
14     Mother's Day
15     50 Days til July 4
16     Happy Birthday Nadyne Gartman
23     Happy Anniversary Red and Becky Farris
25     Happy 60th Anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Edsel Curnutt
26     Happy Birthday Charlie Lynn

Cardinals Online
May 9, 2000
We have a new chatroom on our website.  If you would like join us as we give it a trial run tonight at 8 pm Eunice time.  To find the chat room go to our website at   Then scroll down slightly and click on table of contents.  The chat room is the second listing in the table of contents.  Click on it and follow the simple instructions.

If you have any problems, you can send me an IM through aol (screen name  is beverlysan) or yahoo (screen name is bevrsan).  See you  er talk to you tonight.

Cardinals Online
April 28, 2000
I received an email from Nevell Bishop.  The class of 61 is looking for:

           James McElvaney
           Gary Keel(Gary is listed on the Classmates List, but his email is not
           working.  Remember to go there and change your email address if it
           Sue Woodall O'Donnel
           Gaylon Taylor
           Norman Cole
           Jackie Warford
           Mary Ann Rhodes
           Early Quick
           Jeretta Coleman Prophet
           Vic Cooper
           Jack Abendschan
           Wanda Crowley Bryant
           Stan Mayo
           Patsy Morris
           Shirley Snow McIntire

Also, the email for Kenny Edwards at classmates is no longer working.  If  you have his new email address, please let him know that he needs to go there and correct it. sends out test emails every so often and when it bounces back, they remove that name.

Make sure you check the list at once a week or so.  If you are like me, you have gotten into the habit of just clicking on message board.  But we are now up to 703 with more signing on everyday.  While there, click on my profile at the top of the page.  Everyone, paying members and non-paying registrants, can create a profile.  Those who have one already have an icon of a sheet of paper next to their name.  You can tell where you are, what you are doing, kids?, grandkids?, plans to come to the reunion, etc.

Cardinals Online
April 25, 2000
The next time you are at the Classmates message board, make sure you check out the graphics on the start page.  The sketch of the school came from my high school diploma.  But you have to see that cardinal sitting in front of the computer!  David Randall, son of Carol Berryman Randall, 67 did the sketch.  I got some help from an online friend to get the graphic painted.  This cardinal will be the logo for the COC (Cardinals Online Club) at the reunion.  I heard that Fred modeled for this drawing while sitting in front of his computer wearing a red shirt.

70 days until July 4, 2000!  Have you mailed in your reunion registration form yet?  Please help the reunion organizers plan for space, food, etc. by sending in your registration early.  If you want to find out who has registered for the 60s reunion, go to their reunion webpage.  You will find a list there.

Information on the Reunion Page for the Classes of 37-56 has recently been updated.  Check it out.

The Cardinals Online Club (not a formal group, but a very loose group of  Eunice folks who enjoy visiting on the web-if you want to be a member you are) will have a picnic lunch on Monday, July 3.  We are finishing up the details.  Lynda Ragan Kvasnikoff has some ideas to make this fun.  Keep checking back at the reunion page for information.  Everyone is welcome to attend!

Deb Shanks Moberly let us know that the 60s dinner and dance has been moved to the Community Center.  They are going to need as many able bodies (and probably not so abled bodies) to help with the decorating on Monday morning.  If you will be in Eunice that morning, please let Deb know you can help.

Please let me know immediately if you find any errors at the memorial site by emailing me at  The only information I have available to me is the information you send me.  Unfortunately, I was given inaccurate information and two names of individuals who are a live and well were on the list.  Make sure your information is accurate.  Thanks.

We now have 695 registered at and 352 receiving this newsletter.  Amazing!

Cardinals Online
April 16, 2000
The class of 65 has scheduled a special evening on Saturday, July 1 at the Comfort Inn in Hobbs.  Alexa said that letters were going out right away. If you want to see the details for this event go to the Class of 65  Reunion webpage at  Click on the Class of 65.  While you are there, check out the other reunion activities listed there.  It sounds like a great evening is planned.  Hopefully most of the 65ers will still be here to come to the banquet for the 60-69 classes scheduled for Monday night.

CLASSES of 37-56
Several of you have asked me if I had any information.  I only have the information that has been posted on your webpage for awhile.  I do know that the committee was meeting in early April to finish up the plans.

Do you know what the no. one hit for 1970 was?  If not go to your reunion page and you can hear it there.

A planning meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, 7 pm at the Eunice Schools Administration Office.  If you live nearby and can go, please do.

Have you mailed in your registration yet?  If not, do so right away.  Only 45 days before the deadline to send your registration form.  Don't wait until the last minute.  Do you want to know who has registered so far?  Go to

Have you registered at   Some of you may think that is a silly question.  However, EHS alumni are finding us from various sources.  If you have not yet registered, go to and register.  There is no fee to register.  If you wish to pay the fee, you can become a member.  However, even those who register only are able to go to the message board and the chatroom.  The advantage to membership is  that you can view the email addresses of your classmates.

If you haven't stopped to look at the list of alumni registered at classmates, take a peek. There are now 685 EHS alumni listed.  Some of you may no longer be on the list, because you failed to notify the website of  a new email address.  They send out an email fairly frequently to make sure addresses are up to date.  If the email bounced back, they remove the name from the classmates list.

Also, if both you and your spouse graduated from EHS, make sure you both register at Classmates.

79 DAYS TIL JULY 4, 2000!  We now have 347 who receive this email newsletter.  If you have something that you want included in the next one, please let me know.

Bev Harvey Sandlin, 67

Cardinals Online
April 5, 2000
If you are planning to stay in a hotel, I strongly urge you to make your reservations right away.  The Holiday Inn Express in Hobbs has 10 rooms left. (Three classes from HHS are having a reunion the same weekend!)  Several of our fellow alumni recommended this hotel.  The phone number for reservations is 1-800-HOLIDAY. The cost for my room was $63 nightly.

Sue Payne Berg asked that I clarify the names of the females that they are looking for from their class.  The list didn't include their maiden names. They are looking for Nita Witherspoon Sterling and Sheila Wright Lawrence. She also added Ronnie Coleman and Darwin Dickinson to the list.  The class of 60 and class of 67 posted an article in the Eunice News asking for help
in finding classmates.  I don't know what kind of luck the class of 60 had, but I received a few emails and one letter with addresses for 67ers.  If you need some help in locating classmates, email and ask her if she will put it in the Eunice

Join us in the chatroom tomorrow night at 8:00 Eunice time.  Hope to see you there.

Check out the reunion game on the messge board.  Can you help to keep it going?

Cardinals Online
April 4, 2000

Letters for most of the classes of 60-69 have now been mailed.  You should be receiving yours soon.  If you don't want to wait until it is mailed to you, you can see everything that it is in the letter at the Alumni website.  The letter, reunion schedule and registration form are all posted there.  You can print out the registration form, complete it and mail to Debbie.

The big question is "Who-All's Comin?" You can find the answer to that question at the website too.  As registrations arrive, Debbie will let me know so that the names of those who have registered will be placed on the page.  Where can you find this page?  Go to the website at, then to the table of contents, scroll down to Reunion Information and click.  Select the classes of 60-69.  You will find all the information about the reunion as well as a list of those who have registered.

As you get more information about your reunion or have a registration form to post, please send it to me and I will post it on the webpage.

Please let me know if you have an idea for other pages needed at the website.

Cardinals Online
April 2, 2000
The following classes are looking for mailing addresses and phone numbers for classmates.  If you can help, please contact the person listed for each class.  They are trying to get the reunion information out as soon as possible.

James Jones
Melvin Cole
Hal Smith
Johnny Northcott
Sheila Wright Lawrence
Nita Witherspoon Sterling
Dwayne Gray
Send information to Gary Ferguson at

Cheryl Harnden Carter
Vicki Teer Holt
Wayne Olds
Anna Lee Jearell Futral
Carol Willingham
Peggy Odum
Send information to Richard Meek at

Carol Sikes Hohimer
Larry Dunlap
Kenny Harris
Carolyn Harrison Malone
Sheryl Kennedy
Keith Sharrer
Alfred Lee
Martin Lininger
Sherian McGee Newby
Jimmy Rhodes
Tony Spence
Glenda Williams
Wesley Able
Bill Azbill
Glenda Bowman
Alan Bump
Wendall Carter
Allen Harding
Send information to Dianne Newman Jones at or call Jan Carmack Busby at (505)397-4646.

There are now 647 alumni registered at  We have 300 receiving this email newsletter.  Our website at has had over 3,600 hits since it was established in November.  There are a lot of Cardinals busy on the internet.

Cardinals Online
March 28, 2000
I want to thank those of you who have helped with the memorial site by providing me with names to include and also corrections.  As you take a close look at the pages at the Memorial, please make note of any omissions or errors that you find and email them to me.  However, please make certain that the information you provide is accurate.  We certainly don't want to include a person's name because WE THINK we heard something.  I am updating the pages as quickly as I can when I receive new names and corrections by email.

The Eunice News is back up and running.  Find a link to it on the table of contents of our website at

We are now down to the double digits counting the days til the reunions.  It is 99 days until 7-4-2000.  Classes of 60-69, please send your registration in as soon as possible.  It will make things so much easier for Deb and the rest of the planning committee if they have an idea of numbers.

Cardinals Online
March 23, 2000
The alumni gather to chat every Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. Eunice time.  Hope to see you there tonight.

Thanks to those of you who have sent corrections and additions.  I am trying to get them done as quickly as possible.  Please continue to send me information about needed revisions!  This site is not limited to just those who actually graduated from EHS but of those who ever attended school in Eunice.  Just like on our messge board-we include all.

I will be working in the next few weeks to add a few of Glenn's tales at a time.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Check out  the website regularly for updates on the reunons, memorial site, etc.

If you haven't seen this newest photo, check it out.  We will definitely have to take a trip to Jal in July and this time we won't be up to mischief.  The webpage is at:  The artist, Brian Norwood, is to be commended!!!  If you go to the Jal site, find the photos on the table of contents.  Click on it and select the album of photos taken during the progress of the sculpture. You can leave Brian a message in the photo ablum guest book.

Cardinals Online
March 21, 2000
It is finally done!  I looked on the message board to see when we first began talking about the need for a place where we could list classmates and teachers who passed away.  We often were shocked and saddened when inquiring about an old friend and finding that they had died.  The site is simple, and I hope you will think, tasteful.  I chose our alma mater as the song for the first page.

Now, I am going to need your help.  When doing so many pages, it is very easy to make a typo or other error.  Please email me if you find any of the following: (1) a name mispelled (2) a name in the wrong class (3)a name left out-I only had the input of those who sent me information. (4)A link that doesn't work or doesn't work properly-  If you click to go to another page and it doesn't take you to the correct page, please let me know.  However, be patient with me.  I will make corrections as quickly as I can.

Each page has a link to our Memory guest book.  You can click on it to go to the guest book and write your memories about a particular person. Please scroll through the entries already there.  If that person is already listed click on their name and add your message there.  That way we can keep the memories about one person together.

We all have enjoyed Glenn's Tall Tales so much.  He can really tell them.  However, as new folks come on the message board and time passes the older ones get harder and harder to find.  I asked Glenn for his permission to create webpages for them.  This will make them so much easier for us to find.  I have done the Table of Contents and the story about the Naugas so
far.  Keep going back.  I will add more as I have time.  You will find the Tall Tales and the Memorial pages at our Eunice Alumni site:

If you have photos for any of our albums you can email them to me or snail mail, Bev Sandlin, 362 Evergreen Ave., Niceville, FL 32578.  We are still searching for more class group photos on graduation day and at reunions.  Do you have a photo of your class?

Cardinals Online
March 18, 2000
Those of us who are in Eunice in July will have to take a sightseeing trip to Jal-yes I said SIGHTSEEING!  It seems they may have a sight that is truly worth seeing.  Check out the front page story on today's issue of the Hobbs News-Sun at

Cardinals Online
March 16,2000
I just added an article about Dallan from the "Eastern Magazine" an ENMU alumni magazine to an album at photopoint.  I thought many of you would enjoy reading it.  You can find it in the photo album, "Hodge Podge."  Here is the link:  Remember when it asks for your user name, just type in your first name. The password is cardinal, of course!

Cardinals Online
March 15, 2000
Thanks to Bruce and Gilbert Cherryhomes.  They sent an aerial photo of Eunice taken in 1935.  The rooftops are covered in snow.  You can find this photo at our photopoint site in the Early Years in Eunice album.  If you don't remember how to get there, the url is   Remember our password is Cardinal and you can use your first name as user name.

Again, thanks Bruce and Gilbert!

Cardinals Online
February 26, 2000
It seems that things are beginning to pick up in terms of plans for the various reunions in July.  I will use the website to keep you informed of the latest information that I have.  If registration forms are sent to me, I will post them there.  You can find the reunion webpages by going to our website at, clicking on table of contents and then scrolling down and selecting Reunions.  Or go directly to

Mr. Curnutt will celebrate his 90th birthday on March 13.  You can send a card to him at Edsel Curnutt, 1402 N. Pioneer Drive, Abilene, TX 79603.  He and Mrs. Curnutt will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary in May!

Check out the news about one of our alumni from the class of 67 on the Classmates Message Board.  Look at "A Career in Television" Under the Jobs and Careers Folder!  I am not going to tell you!  You have to go see for yourself!!!

I am still waiting to get some photos from this event.  I heard that 19 showed up on a Sunday in Stephenville and had a great time.  When the photos are sent to me, I will add them to our photo album of Recent Photos of EHS Alumni.

I was on a business trip to Orlando this week and had dinner with Carol Sikes and Steve Hohimer (last name is now St. Clair).  They are doing great and they look MAAAAAAAAAAAAR-VE-LOUS.  What a great time we had remembering people and events and catching up.  They both will be in Eunice in July.  (Deb, they have offered to help with the reunion.  Just let them know.)

Kristi Hatley informed me that the webpage for the Eunice News is down. Apparently there was a problem at the site and she is now looking for a new place to get it up and running.  She was doing a great job of keeping us informed of day to day happenings in Eunice so hopefully it won't be too long until we have it back.  In the meantime, you can subscribe to the Eunice News by writing Eunice News, PO Box 713, Eunice, NM 88231.  By subscribing to the paper, you are providing support to one of the busiensses of our hometown and keeping up with what is happening at the same time.  If you aren't already a subscriber, you might want to start now.  As reunion time nears, I am sure that articles about the plans for the reunions will begin to appear.  Also, I imagine there will be articles and photos of the various reunions after the events take place.  For moredetailed information to subscribe, email Tanya at

If you have any items that should be included in the Cardinals Online Newsletter, please send them to me.  Have a great weekend!

Cardinals Online
February 13, 2000
All Cardinals are invited to join others at the Golden Corral in Stephenville, TX next Sunday at 1:00 p.m. Lynda Ragan Kvasnikoff, Class of 60, is down from Alaska visiting her dad and plans to be there.  Others that met in Fort Worth for dinner in November also are planning to come.  They had some who graduated in the 50s and the 60s there, but ALL ARE WELCOME!  The Golden Corral is on the South Loop on Highway 377.  For more information contact Fred Tucker (class of 60) at or Coleen Hopper Bruce (class of 65) at  Bring your camera, photos, yearbooks, etc.

Make sure you are checking out the items listed on the Table of Contents regularly.  Go to and click on Table of Contents. We have a new webpage of information about the Oil Center Reunion and the Choir Reunion.  Those of you who sang in the Choir with either of the Hardens will appreciate the music I selected for that webpage.

4 Months and 19 Days

Please send any information you would like posted in this newsletter.  We now have 257 subscribers for this newsletter and 602 listed at Classmates!  If you hear of anyone who is not receiving the Cardinals Online Newsletter, it is because they must sign up for it.  Tell them to contact me and I will help them.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Cardinals Online
February 10, 2000
Evelyn Mittag Gladden requested that I share information about the reunion for these classes.  I have created a webpage at with the information.  She did not send the times, but I will add that and any additional information as it becomes available.  Remember to go back periodically and see if there is any new information there.  Evelyn did say that information would be mailed out soon.  If you do not think that they have your correct address, you will find a link on the page to email Evelyn.

Two alumni from the 70s died in Eunice this week.  For more information, please check the message board or the Hobbs News-Sun.

Remember to send any information that you would like included in this newsletter to me at

Cardinals Online
January 23, 2000
I have added a new page to the website at  Scroll to Wall of Champions on the table of contents.  Those of you who are sports enthusiasts will enjoy it the most.

While you are at the website, make sure you add birthdays and anniversaries on the calendar.

I have added photos and other interesting items in the Photopoint albums.  If you haven't been there in the last few days make sure you go there also.  I will be happy to include any photos you email to me.

I thought someone had said we would be getting a letter over the holidays about the reunion, but I haven't.  If anyone else has any information, please share with the rest of us.  Just a little more than 5 months and we will all be gathered in Eunice once again!  Fun Fun Fun!

If you have any news or other items you want included in this newsletter, please email them to me.

Cardinals Online
January 20, 2000
It is now less than six months until many of us will be gathered in Eunice for Class Reunions and the Eunice 4th of July celebration.  Hopefully, you are making vacation plans now to be there.  The Oil Patch Motel is now full.  They do have RV hook-ups available.  We have a link to a list of nearby motels on the table of contents of the EHS website  This link was provided to us courtesy of the Jal website.

We are switching the weekly chat from Tuesday night to Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. Eunice time.  If you have never joined us please do.  Click on the chat tab at the message board and come on in.  If you just want to listen (er I mean read) that's okay.  We won't insist you join in until you are comfortable.

I have added a few new photos.  A group of alumni got together in Ft. Worth for dinner in November.  Coleen Hopper Bruce, '65 shared some photos from that evening.  Also, you will find some new photos in the grandparents brag album and the Christmas album.  I have a few photos that were sent to me via snail mail and I will scan and post those this weekend when I get my scanner hooked up.

I just realized that all photos posted at photopoint must be a jpg file.  Please keep that in mind when emailing photos to me.  Also, you are welcome to send some of the interesting artifacts and souvenirs that Glenn Elliott, '51 talked about on the message board.  Graduation programs, Star DriveIn schedules, prom programs, etc.  Just make sure it is a jpg file and I will post these in an album too.

In case you have forgotten how to get to the photos go to the table of contents at our website ( and click on Photopoint.  It will give you the directions you need.

Please email me with any information you may have about reunion plans, EHS alumni, etc.  I will be happy to share it in this newsletter.  We currently have 240 subscribers.

P.S.  Have I mentioned that I have a new grandson?  If I failed to lead you to the site where his photos are posted, let me know.  OH NO!  I can't believe that I have turned into one of those kind of grandmothers-you know the ones with photo albums in their purses just waiting for an unsuspecting person to trap.  Well, at least mine are on the internet and not in my purse!  But hey I might just start carrying them there too.  LOL

Cardinals Online
January 2, 2000
I regret having to tell you that Glenn Degroot, Class of 68 passed away last night or this morning.  As soon as more details about the service are available Kristi Hatley will post them on the message board. Please check there for more information.

Also, while I am sending this newsletter, I want to share the following email with you from Ronnie Harden concerning the EHS Choir Reunion:

Hi Bev.

I was in Eunice recently and was allowed to go through the music files at the School.  Goodness, Memories. Memories.  I could pick enough music to last all night, but I just picked enough to do us for a couple of hours.

All is set for 2:00 Sunday afternoon at the H.S. Auditorium. I encourage all EX-choir memebers to be there for a little while anyway.  We are gonna sing, sing, sing.  We might even catch up on some of the things we did "back then".

I am really looking forward to seeing everyone.  Gonna be fun. (We might even get someone to set up a Cam-corder.  Anyone  interested????

Ronnie N Jewell Harden

Cardinals Online
January 1, 2000
The Oil Center community has decided to take advantage of the fact that so many people will be traveling to Eunice in July.  They are planning a gathering for Oil Center folks and friends to visit and reminisce.  All interested individuals are invited to attend on Sunday, January 2, 2000 at the Eunice Community Center.  Start looking through old photos to bring with you.  More details are provided on the Start Page of the message board.  Check there for who to contact.

I haven't receive a recent update on the reunion plans for
     Class of 60
     Classes of 37-56
     EHS Choir
Also, those of us hoping to have a band reunion need to get busy soon!  If you are working on any of these, please send any updates and I will post it on the Start page of our message board.

If you missed the information on the Reunion for the Classes of the '60s because you had not yet signed up for the Cardinals Online Newsletter, check the archive at for that newsletter.  Debbie Shanks Moberly indicated in a message on the board that we all should be receiving something in the mail soon.

I understand that all rooms at the Oil Patch Hotel in Eunice have already been reserved by forward thinking alumni.  They should still have RV hook-ups, but I recommend that you call to reserve.  The phone number is (505)394-2501.  Check the start page of the Eunice message board for phone numbers of Hobbs Motels.

When we began visiting  on the message board almost 1 1/2 years ago, July 2000 seemed like such a long way down the road.  The time is getting short.  Begin to make arrangements to be there now!

Some of you have sent photos to me to scan for our site.  When my old computer crashed, I also lost my scanner since it was built in to the cpu.  I am waiting for my new flatbed scanner.  I will be able to do some scanning from old annuals too!  Fun fun fun!  If you have photos that are already scanned of your families, school days, etc., email
them to me at and I will put them in a photo album at photopoint.  Make sure you send them as a jpg or bmp file!  Otherwise, I have to get it converted before I can post it on our photo site.

Have you added your birthday and/or anniversary to the EHS alumni calendar?  Go to and click on table of contents. The calendar is the first item listed.  Click on it.  The simple instructions are there.

Remember to visit our message board regularly at  Even if you don't want to add to the messages, make sure you read the start page regularly for updates on reunion plans and read the messages posted by your classmates.

Visit our website at  I hope to have some new additions to this site soon.  In the meantime, you can get to other sites from there:
     Eunice News (newspaper)
     Alumni sites for Jal, Hobbs, and Lovington
     and others

FYI:  222 now subscribe to Cardinals Online.

Cardinals Online
December 18, 1999
Sorry I haven't sent out a newsletter in so long.  First, I was having some health problems and then my computer had some.  I was the lucky one.  I survived; the computer didn't.  I am currently using my daughter's computer but will soon have a new one.

The following message was posted on the Classmates Message Board by Debbie Shanks Moberly, Class of 69 about the upcoming reunion:

The reunion committee met and the dates for the 60's millennium reunion will be July 2,3,& 4. Letters will be going out during the holidays!  Please plan now to attend! The only major change is that there will be a slow-pitch softball game instead of hardball. Easier on the guys and we don't want anyone hurt. It should be a lot of fun and more could participate. So look for the letter to give you all the details. Happy Holidays and see you in July!

Debbie's email address is  Please let her know if you can help in anyway.

For any of you, who are out of touch with the happenings in Eunice and not checking the message board regularly, EHS won the state championship!  It was a long road to the top-injunctions, court, etc.  Check it all out on the message board.

With some help from a Panther (Jerry Phillips, JHS '64), we now have a website at http://BevSan/  The next step will be completing a memorial site for remembering deceased classmates and school faculty and staff.  In the meantime, a guest book for recording memories of these individuals is already available.  You will see it listed on the table of
contents.  If you are the first to begin the note about a particular person, click on "New Message."  If someone has already begun a message about that individual, click on the name of the individual and respond with further information and memories.

The message board remains the primary contact point for EHS alumni.  Remember to check in regularly.  Please contribute by leaving a message.

Have a safe and happy Holiday!

Cardinals Online
November 9, 1999
Welcome to the Cardinals Online.  This is so much faster than typing in a gazillion email addresses (and typing half of them wrong).  A total of 110 have signed up for the Cardinals Online Newsletter as of today.

After all that Eunice/Jal rivalry over the years, it was a Jal Panther who came forward and helped to build our website.  We really owe a great big thank you to Jerry Phillips, JHS '64.  As Jerry and I have communicated via the internet, we have come to realize that Jal and Eunice were more alike than we would have ever admitted when we were in high school.

We have 597 EHS alumni registered at the classmates site with slightly less than that total having at least come and looked around on the message board.  That's pretty amazing when you consider that the total number of graduates in THE HISTORY OF EHS is real close to 2,800!  Our new website has had over 400 visitors during its first 3 days of existence.  The photopoint albums have been viewed over 700 times.  It makes you think that EHS alumni are anxious to reach out and contact people who were meaningful in their earlier years.

The first planning meeting for the 60s reunion to be held in July will be at the Eunice Schools Administration Office on Sunday, November 14, 1999 at 3:00 p.m.  I hope all of you 60s classmates who are close enough to go, will attend.  If you can't attend please let Tanya, Janet and Debbie know you are willing to help.  You can email Debbie at

If anyone has information about reunion plans by other groups and you wish it to be included in the newsletter, please email me at  The choir and band reunion activities are much smaller, just a single event, but we need to start planning those too.  If you haven't made reservations for the reunion, you will find a list of hotels with phone numbers at the bottom of the middle section of the start page at our message board.

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