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Trick or Treat. Coming soon to the theatre of the mind....

Annie:  "Trick or Treat"???? Come on Glenn, tell us what juicy story you have ready for us.

Ah, the moon rises full, orange, large in the East.
Who knows what tale may come for man or beast.

Annie:  Glenn, I've been real patient waiting for you to continue.......Get those creative juices to flowing!! Halloween is nearly here.
Bev:  C'mon Glenn! Only 4 days until Halloween!                                        

  ..and he arrived in Eunice via the Andrews highway.  More later...

Annie:  Glenn, Are you stretching this out so it will last til Halloween????????

All Hallow's Eve arrives on Sunday. In the meantime be aware of noises in the night, unexplained happenings, strange events....


Bev:  Glenn- Don't make it tooooooooooooo scary!

Annie:  Glenn, Speakng of strange things I don't hear the people in the apt above me right now and it's way to early for them to be in bed....... Whooooooooooo

The stranger had driven all day and arrived at Eunice on the Andrews highway at dark. A huge harvest moon rose over the landscape in the East.  Not many took notice as he checked into the Oil Patch Motel, just another traveler. It was a day before All Hallow's Eve or Halloween. Mothers were busy getting small candies for kids trick or treating. Children were carving jack-o-lanterns and eagerly anticipating their annual door-to-door collections.

As dawn arrived nothing seemed amiss. The usual chasing about of trucks, cars, people. Then the stranger, dressed in red, appeared on the streets. He went about his business like everyone else. A trip to the grocery store, a walk along main street.  But one little girl saw something different. "Mommie, why does that man have little horns on his head"? Mother looked. Sure enough, there were the signs of little nubs of horns piercing his forehead.  RED clothes? Horns? Could it be????  As the stranger walked along the street dogs nipped at his heels and yelped. Cats arched their backs and hissed at him. They KNEW! The master.

Again the moon rose full and orange. It was Halloween. Kids were eagerly dressing in spooky garb. One even dressed as the Devil. The stranger also prepared for his sortie. As he moved about town bats arrived and dived among the residents. Dogs and coyotes prepared for their nightly rituals. A strange site was noticed near the big flare at Oil Center. Tall, thin women dressed in black had formed dancing rings around the huge torch and twirled in a frenzy. Spooky sounds arrived.
The night wore on in eerie suspense. The stranger made his rounds. Jack-o-lanterns smashed. Children chased. White wispy sheets flew around unsupported. A devilish face appeared in windows looking inside for the living. Was it him? Was it him?

Then midnight came. The witching hour. Quiet so solemn only the light breeze through the trees could be heard. Kids were at home asleep with bellies full of candy. Mothers relaxed. A car started at the motel and suitcases were loaded. The stranger was leaving town. It was quiet again. Another Halloween was over and he had done his duty. People wondered what had happened. Who was he? Could it be possible they had been visited by Lucifer? Could that be possible? Was it really Lucifer...or was it.... Fred?
Copyright (C) l999 Glenn Elliott All Rights Reserved         

Gordie:  I knew it!  Fred is the one! Uh, Fred, I don't think I'll be able to come to this little "reunion" dinner you and Ann and some of the others have been talking about after all. No "evil finger" on me, boy. I'll tell you, I am REALLY going to be afraid if I don't rush down to buy candy for the goblins that'll be out spooking everyone on Sunday night. I just had a clown here looking for a treat before school and had nothing to give him except a hug. Enjoyed the story, once again. Thanks Glenn!

Bev:  Good one Glenn! Just proves you are never too old to enjoy a good story. I am absolutely sure that it must have been Fred.

Annie:  Good story Glenn........ Wish we could all have your imagination!!! And your "way" with words........Annie PS Was it Fred???

Fred:  Glenn I don't care what some of these folks say about you.  I think that you do a very good job telling us all of these stories. I was beginning to get kinda scared myself till I realized that you were talking about me. Then I remembered the night that you were talking about. Thanks again for the stories.

Glenn:  I couldn't resist after seeing that little devil signature you have and reading all the ribbing you get. Thanks for being a good sport. See you Sunday night.

Fred:  Glenn I think the reason every body picks on me is because they can. No I have a lot of padding on my ribs so I can take a lot of ribbing. Also I think this is the place to have fun and it is either rib someone or be ribbed. I kinda enjoy the attention, so anytime you feel like it, just cut loose.

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