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Motherís Day at the RKC
by Glenn Elliott (his text in bold)

BEVERLY HARVEY 1967:  Glenn, I must tell you that I am deeply disappointed that the RKC did not do a major promotion for Mother's Day. Some restaurants offered free dinners for Moms, other offered flowers. While from the RKC management, we got nothing but silence. Mother's Day passed without a peep. I bet you don't let Father's Day pass by without a big promotion. My family had to choose a place to take me to dinner and we went to the place with free food and flowers for moms! Hmmmmmm! BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!

Due to the long hours, and nature of our work, the Road Kill Cafe decided to give our employees a well-deserved day off on Mother's Day. We had grumbling in the ranks about how hard they work at our cyber cafe all week long and late into the nights. It seemed that a holiday was the right thing to do. Chef Andre' had to travel to Paris to see his Mom. Maitre D Jacque went to New Orleans to visit his mother. The rest of the staff's Moms live in Eunice. RKC hopes you were not too disappointed and we look forward to your continued patronage. We are open again and have a new menu item feature this week--rack of Banff Elk. It's a new delicacy imported from Canada which just arrived on the grille of a 56 Chevy. Ground squirrel on a stick is also featured.Orders for our bright red RKC caps are already arriving and will be filled while they last. Road Kill CafeYou Kill em - We Grill em(Now serving number l2)

BEVERLY HARVEY 1967:  Once again, you have a comeback. I am almost speechless and that doesn't happen very often.  Banff Elk-YUK!

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