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EUNICE--Sheriff deputies were called Monday night to the scene of a rowdy party at the famous Road Kill Cafe.  The well known eating establishment Valentines' Day Blowout got out of hand as middle aged women and men dressed in retro 60's clothing threw food and chocolates in a riotous display of abandon. Deputies were amused as the party was quelled by women planting big lipstick kisses on their cheeks. No arrests were made and the party returned to a more subdued manner.  The women were dressed in quaint garb reminescent of the "bobby socks" era.  Pink outfits, pixie shoes, and teased hairdos were abundant.  The management and staff of RKC apologized and gave a dozen doughnuts to the deputies, who appeared quite pleased.

Glenn Elliott '51/Houston

 BEVERLY HARVEY 1967:  Glenn, Darn! I miss all the fun! I had the sniffles and had to stay home. Who were those women? I bet I can name names. Let's see-Lynda for sure, probably Annie, and I bet they had Deb with them. (Lynda, Annie, you should be ashamed of yourselves acting that way and corrupting our sweet young Deb!). And where was Fred during all of this? I am sure he must have had a part to play.

FRED TUCKER 1960:  Bev, As all of that was going on I was out getting some drip gas so we could all get home.

BEVERLY HARVEY 1967:  Fred, So what you are saying is that you stirred up all the trouble, heard the sirens, ducked out the backdoor to go get gas so you could drive the get away car???????

 FRED TUCKER 1960:  Bev-No ma'am that ain't what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that bunch didn't need much stirring. I was just trying to be the nice guy that I am and was having to get some drip gas to get them all home. I was having a little trouble pouring the drip into the car and if it hadn't been for that nice deputy holding the funnel in the gas tank for me I would have made a big mess of it.

DEB GLOVER 1974:  I promise, Fred was NOT in the bathroom... I was the ONLY one in there... I swear...(snickers)

BEVERLY HARVEY 1967: Deb, I am sure you are not to blame for anything that happened. It is those wild older folks that led you astray. If only I had been there. Maybe I could have kept things under control so the poor yooung innocents like you wouldn't have had to be exposed to such goings-on.

LOUISE HANKINS 1960: Bev, Just remember there was a "witness" to all of the stuff that was going in there. But I won't tell who it was.

DEB GLOVER 1974 <snickers>

BEVERLY HARVEY 1967:  Oh my gosh Louise! You were there! I don't believe it. I guess I thought anyone with a cute little kitty cat signature would never be in the middle of a scene like that.

LOUISE HANKINS 1960: Oh Bev, I was just on the "outside" looking in and didn't get into any of the trouble. Just following Fred to see where he was going and got side-tracked by the goings on there.........yea right!!!!

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